MOI Qatar ID Inquiries - Visa Query & Printing

MOI Qatar ID Inquiries

The Qatar ID is a significant document for every citizen, resident, and foreign worker in Qatar. Having access to vital information related to your ID and knowing how to make inquiries is crucial for a smooth stay in the country. This guide provides all you need to navigate MOI Qatar ID inquiries effectively.

Why Are MOI Qatar ID Inquiries Important?

The Qatar ID is more than just an identification card. It serves as a gateway to various services, benefits, and activities, making MOI Qatar ID inquiries integral for residents and citizens alike. By staying updated on your Qatar ID status, you ensure continuous access to vital services and keep your residency status in check.

How to Make MOI Qatar ID Inquiries Online

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) Qatar offers an efficient online platform for MOI Qatar ID inquiries. Below, we provide step-by-step guides for making inquiries using your QID number and your passport number.

MOI Qatar ID Inquiries with QID Number

  1. Visit the MOI Qatar ID Check Portal.
  2. Enter your QID number.
  3. Complete the captcha.
  4. Click the search button.
  5. If no results appear, press the reset button and try again.

MOI Qatar ID Inquiries with Passport Number

  1. Visit the MOI Qatar ID Check Portal.
  2. Enter your passport number.
  3. Choose your nationality from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the β€œsearch” button.

Keep an Eye on Your Qatar ID Validity

The Qatar ID has a specific expiration date, and it's essential to keep tabs on this to avoid potential penalties. A grace period of 3 months is provided post-expiry for renewals without any fines. After this period, a late renewal penalty of QR 10 per day is charged.


Making regular MOI Qatar ID inquiries helps you stay proactive, ensuring that your document is always valid and that you have uninterrupted access to vital services. With this guide, mastering your Qatar ID inquiries will be effortless, contributing to a seamless experience in Qatar. Stay informed, stay ahead!

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